Saturday, March 5, 2011

A New Climb

The plan was to bike with fellow ACTCers to Capitola but I was not feeling the love this morning (or as The Boyfriend interprets this to mean: No flirting fizzled you out). But I had a fabulous time biking with my friend P as we did a new climb for me: Mt. Bache and Loma Prieta off Higland Way in the Santa Cruz Mountains.
According to the Stanford Cycling page: 3.3 miles, 1520 ft, 8.7% with a few 15% pitches. The Strava site has an aerial map profile with some numbers, too. We could see Monterey Bay once we arrived at the summit. And remains from the Loma Prieta fires. Remote probably best describes the climb.
My favorite road to ride when in this area is Morrell, a quiet and pretty stretch, near the Summit Store and Wrights Station.
Just the Stats:
25 miles
9 mph avg
29 mph descending
2 hr 45 m

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