Monday, August 22, 2011

A Walk and a Bike Tour in Napa

Saturday, August 20th

It only took 6 girls to help me cross the river in Napa Bothe State Park, in you guessed it, Napa. They also showed me the catch of the day in the orange bucket -- crawfish. The Boyfriend and I did a 4 mile hike with an elevation of 1170. In the evening, we met up with Miss A for dinner. She is going to do the Tour of Napa Valley 100m for the first time tomorrow.

Sunday, August 21st

The Boyfriend dragged me out of bed at some ridiculous hour to do the Tour of Napa Valley. (100K for us). The morning was a blur which probably explains how before I knew it, I had already done 34 miles and was at the lunch stop where I passed The Boyfriend who was just leaving.

I met a cool woman from Nevada -- with lots of tattoos on her legs. She was loads of fun and we stayed together for most of the tour. Along the way, my chain slipped. Before I knew it, before I even blinked, a man appeared and said, "Let me put your chain back on. You don't want to dirty your hands or the white handlebar tape." Unbelievable, The Boyfriend said, later. I also met another guy from Davis who rode with me up Ink Grade. Before I knew it, before I even blinked, we were done with that climb. I met this other guy, too, on the climb, and we discussed whether there'd be cocktails waiting for us at the top. Sigh, The Boyfriend said, later.

Before I knew it, before I even blinked, I was done with the tour, finishing the 67 mile course in 5 hr 7 min. And exactly 1 hr after The Boyfriend's time. We didn't see Miss A but she had fun and saw the divine Miss M along the way.

It was a lovely weekend getaway.

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