Saturday, August 6, 2011

Misty in Marin Again

Like last year, The Boyfriend and I set off on the Marin Century at 6:30am despite my pleas, under a foggy ceiling and chilly temperatures. But I was warmed by the memory of the night before by the Gelato Guy in San Rafael who wanted me to sample his goods. Ah, the subtle and intriguing taste of blackberry Cabernet Sauvignon and the honey lavender ... Is there going to be anything about biking in this blog entry, The BF wonders.

Once the past the first climb, The BF shot off (passing many cyclists) to do the traditional 100M while I stuck with the 100K. On the descent, I dropped my chain. Arrgh. Naturally, a nice looking male cyclist came to my aid ... and good thing, I was having difficulties because I managed to put a kink in it. Kinky, hmm, a topic I could ... Is there going to be anything about biking in this blog entry, The BF wonders.

At the first rest stop, a man came up to me (you don't say The BF comments):

He: I recognize you. You were at the Santa Cruz Mtns. Challenge.
Me: Yes.
He: I'm doing the Napa ride next. Will I see you there?
Me: Oh, perhaps.

At the same rest stop, a woman came up to me:

She: Love your nails.
Me: Funny, The BF did too, last night ...

Oh oh, I'm in trouble now. Is there going to be anything about biking in this blog entry, The BF wonders.

Ah, I could not top the cross dresser volunteer (at the water and gatorade station) at the Petaluma stop. He was a scream, talking in an effeminate voice, and calling out to cyclists to come have a taste of his juices. My kind of guy....

At the last stop, I chatted with a male volunteer (you don't say The BF comments):

He: How did you find the signage this year?
Me: Well, it was fine except going into Petaluma, I followed a bunch of guys and we got lost.
He: You should have followed a woman!
Me: And they wouldn't look at the map or ask for directions either.
He: Well, duh. You should have followed a woman.

Back to the biking. Finally, The BF says. The Marin ride is challenging for its rollers. The BF on the 100M route also has the Marshall Wall, somewhat like Metcalf in the South Bay, but longer, and tiring so late in the game. I was curious as to how I would do given I was on a different bike than last year, post surgery and only really getting into the swing of things these past few months. Interestingly, I was 3 minutes slower than last year. The Boyfriend, once again, came in about an hour after me with 40 more miles under his pedals. Wow. And despite getting lost (not because he should have followed a woman) but because his route was not well marked.

Always, a fun time on this ride made special by the good food and great volunteers.

Just the Stats:

12.5 mph avg
31.5 mph descent
59 miles
3,830 ft of climbing
4 hr 43 min

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