Saturday, September 17, 2011

Devil's Postpile and Lake Mary

Wednesday, September 14th

We're in Mammoth Lakes now, about to climb to Minaret Summit (9,265 elevation) and onward to Devil's Postpile. We're all feeling a bit fatigued, not because of the altitude or climbing but most likely due to Happy Hour!

The climb and descent into Devil's Postpile was trying but I revved up when the construction workers whistled at me. Warm climbing, cold descending....

Next up, some more climbing to reach Lake Mary.

A bike trail allowed us to bike around Lake Mary plus a few other lakes. It is so pretty here and bike friendly, too; I almost don't want to leave. Once again, the storm clouds gathered and this time, we were hit with spitting cold rain but luckily only for about 15 minutes and at the end of the day's ride.

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