Saturday, October 1, 2011

Danke Schoen LKHC Montebello

How low key looking is that, the pic of me. Speaking of Low Key -- our team for the LKHC series has dwindled to just 2 -- the tortoise and the hare. Still, our team of 2 managed to place 16 out of 43 (not bad given that the first 10 or so teams have multiple team mates).

I sort of really tried this time to put some effort into it. The plan was to at least beat The Kid. He's about my level of competition, sad as that is to note. 12 other women participated and they were simply swell. All together, there were 127 cyclists for the first ride of the LKHC 2011 series.

But enough about biking. Let's talk about my nails which aren't visible in the photo. Lovely cherry color to match my outfit. I spotted some newbies, some young men, their first time doing the series. As a veteran, I naturally felt that it was my duty to break them in ....

Focus on the biking, The Boyfriend says. I beat my last recorded LKHC time back in 2008. Then: 55.58. Now, 54:53. I received a standing ovation when I cross the finish line. Oh alrighty, they were already standing .... still, despite placing last and not beating the kid, I did a decent job and more importantly, my nail polish looked outstanding.

Danke Schoen Montebello, thank you for the joy and pain. Til we meet again, next week Sierra Road.

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NadiaMac said...

nice job Christine! You crushed it!