Saturday, November 19, 2011

LKHC Kings Mountain

Please, please, no photographs. To those men who were subjected to my exposed bum and breasts, I do apologize, unless of course you enjoyed the entertainment.

Last week, we were treated to a super account of TC's strategy climbing Hwy 9 and the moments leading up to crossing the finish line.

Now, let's talk about my race report and strategy for this week's LKHC Kings Mtn.... already, I hear The Boyfriend sighing.

First, at the starting location at Canada Road and Edgewood, I stared longingly at the guy with the unshaven face. McDreamy, you don't stand a chance. After I wiped the drool off my lips and put my tongue back into my mouth and gathered my wits, I shamelessly flirted with a half dozen or so male cyclists. And that was my warm up.

We 24 women, rolled out to Kings Mtn., via Albion, a lovely neighborhood, to the starting point at Greer. And before I was ready, we were off. I shot passed Miss A only be overtaken by her soon after but I kept her in sight for a good mile or so. And that was really the extent of the action for me. And my strategy. Start. Climb. Finish.

So what was I thinking during this particular climb. Oh lookey, there's a tree. Oh lookey, there's another tree. Oh say, is that a dead squirrel in the road? Oh my the asphalt looks about the same as it did a few feet back. Gosh, I can't feel my toes. Dave said hi to me as he passed. Another guy said he liked my singing. Occasionally, I stepped on the gas. Mainly because my frigging toes were freezing and I wanted to be done.

Oh oh, there's The Second Kid (not the one I am usually battling with). I passed him and his famous dad. They caught up to me. Note to self: stop fantasizing about sexy unshaven man. Oh oh, the 200 meters or is feet sign came in view. Oh oh, time to blow past The Second Kid. Dad said something about sprinting. The Second Kid overtook me. But as The Boyfriend said later, and to which Dan the Man said last week, "Hey, you beat a Colwell." Very funny guys.

How'd I do?

2007 time: 43:29
2011 time: 40:37

It really is all about the Specialized Bike and the SRAM Apex gears.

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Alison Chaiken said...

Wow, 3 minutes is a big improvement. Congrats!