Friday, November 25, 2011

Biking with The Boyfriend

He: What's this I hear that you performed mouth to mouth on male cyclists yesterday atop Mt. Hamilton, the last of the LKHC climbs!
Me: Oh, did it make it into Velo News?
He: Sigh.
Me: It's true that I did attend to the needs of 2 male cyclists requiring attention.
He: Only 2?
Me: I now, I must be getting sloppy with my flirting....
He: Enough of this nonsense! No more fantasizing about unshaven male cyclists.
Me: I wouldn't dream of it.
He: And no more biking up Hwy 9 surrounded by a sea of testosterone.
Me: You're very handsome.
He: Don't try to distract me!
Me: No, Sir.
He: It's time I take you for a real ride.
Me: Oh oh, the return of The Stud.
He: Damn right, Missy.

What can I say. The Boyfriend took me, for a ride, that is. Coyote Creek Trail and onwards up Henry Coe. Though, I confess, I had a relapse, stopping 2.5 miles short of the summit to "chat" with a male cyclist. Until of course, The BF (on the return from the top) came barreling by. He was quite the gentleman on this ride, attending to my needs as well as being impressed by my improved biking speed. Alas, he'll be away for awhile on a business trip. Til we meet again, Stud.

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