Sunday, October 28, 2012

LKHC Hwy 9 Time Trial

While at a stop light on Saratoga Avenue, a hot looking male cyclist pulled up next to me.  I looked at him, he looked at me, and let's just leave it at that ....  I parked at the lot at Skyline and Hwy 9 for this week's LKHC climb, a time trial beginning in Boulder Creek.  I ran into, well not literally, Ron who had the same thought, to bike down Highway 9 to the start.  Guess who I met after I registered inside the Rainbow's End cafe in Boulder Creek.  The male cyclist from the intersection!  I knew he looked familiar and sure enough, he's a regular LKHC. 

Being one of the slower riders, I was set to go early in the lineup.  Wait wait, I said, I'm formulating my game plan including topping off the mimosa....  The time trial involved 13 miles of flat and hill along Highway 9 from Boulder Creek to Saratoga Gap, the summit of Highway 9.

The Plan:

1.  Catch Dan the Man who was running the course!
2.  Beat the kid cyclists for once. Sad, I know.
3.  Clock in under 90 minutes.  Sigh.
4.  Don't get distracted by hot male cyclists.  That's a tough one.
5.  Don't finish last.

Yeah, I'm bad.  I met my goals.  Yay.  Sure, men and women passed me but it gave me a boost.  I pushed myself and even got a surge towards the end, taking me across the finish line at 82 minutes. The other women's scores were smoking hot.   We have another time trial next week with a steeper climb.  I don't know my strategy yet but it's going to include having a swell time, like I had today.  Thanks to all the volunteers who made today's event spectacular.  Before I left, a fire truck pulled into the parking lot.  Ah, one last dose of eye candy....

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