Saturday, October 6, 2012

LKHC Montebello Strategy

Ring ring from The BF, out of town, in another state --
The BF:  What is your strategy for this year's LKHC series?
Me:  Show up?
The BF:  C'mon Woman, give me more than that.
Me:  Have sex the night before?
The BF Not appropriate.
Me:  I think it is -- given my high BP, it'll help open up the blood vessels, the veins,  ....
The BF:  Any excuse.... C'mon, follow through, give me a plan.
Me:  Apply the first, second and third laws of Newton's Laws of Motion?
The BF:  Now we're getting somewhere.
Me:  If a hot male cyclist exerts force upon my body, I will accelerate.
The BF:  Sigh, I'm dealing with an idiot savant nymphomaniac.
Me:  You're so sweet. I appreciate the compliment.


Oh my Gosh, the excitement of the first week of the Low Key Hillclimbs series with 155 registered riders.    And this year, for Montebello, the teams came, decked out in their swanky jerseys.  So much eye candy.

Two riders went down at the very beginning unfortunately.  I zipped around them, determined to beat my time from last year.  We had a great crisp Fall day and I hope a super time had by all.  Thank you to Howard, David, Brenda, and the rest of the volunteers.

Ring ring from an airport somewhere in the U.S.

The BF:  So, how'd you do?
Me:  Well, Mister, I think I shaved 2-3 minutes off last year's time.
The BF:  Way to go!
Me:  Well, I do believe that I might have improved even more had we engaged in nooky.
The BF:  Sigh.
Me:  There's still time before next week's Quimby....

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