Thursday, December 13, 2012

In the Eye of the Beholder

In case you were wondering what Helen the Reindeer of Troy looks like in the evening ....

I think I shall spend December documenting that which catches my fancy ... on that note:  I give you The Pallet of the Penguins, an art installation at San Jose State University.  Below two photos I took.

The artist has a statement to make but I simply saw, because undoubtedly I'm just simple, a penguin amongst bikes and that caught my fancy.

I mean, sometimes, you just go with your instinct, as in, wow, I like that or not, without further interpretation or contemplation and sometimes, you do indeed attach the whole enchilada and think about the meaning of life.  Sigh, right now, I'm thinking, I'd like a boy toy to serve me a drink topped with fruit and a little pink umbrella.  Yeah, I'm deep.