Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Thorn in My Wood

Once again, I am off the bike for a few weeks due to medical reasons.  So, I said to The Boyfriend, "Entertain Me."  To which I expected, you know, a massage, or a manicure, or a pedicure, or bonbons, scallops in butter, a trip to Paris.  I mean really, do I ask for much?

So what does said Boyfriend suggest.  A walk in Thornewood Park in Woodside.  Yes, of course, the first thing I would have thought to do...  oh oh, I'm going to be in trouble when he reads this.

We tried to enter it from 84 but lo and behold, a tree had fallen and the road was not passable.  We entered from Old La Honda, which actually was the nicer entrance.  Our 2 mile or so walk was quite spectacular.  We came across a ranger in uniform, with blond hair, blue eyes ... rangers, firemen, police officers, they seem to be around wherever I am.  The ranger removed the fallen tree!

But of course, I did not notice the ranger with the blond hair and blue eyes, rippling muscles in uniform because I only have eyes for The Boyfriend.

Alas, The BF knows what I need. A good outing in fresh but chilly air, the smell of redwood, pine needles, fallen leaves and earth, to help me get healthy once again.  Though buttery croissants and brie in Montmartre would have probably worked equally as well.  But we had some pie and coffee at the Woodside Bakery and that was just fine.  Especially because I was with my man.

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Alison Chaiken said...

Photo1 is most awesome. Have you ever seen the Marilyn "Castroville Artichoke Queen" photos? She has nothing on you.