Thursday, November 28, 2013

Trot up Ham

Another Thanksgiving.  And that means time to trot up Mt. Ham!   This year, The Boyfriend and I left a half hour earlier than the start for the LKHC event.  I haven't been on the bike for ages for a number of reasons; and I wasn't sure how I'd fare.  Mr. Bill, in his yellow banana, passed me at about 4.5 miles.  The first wave of LKHCers steamed past me around mile 8.  If you do the math, it's kind of pathetic but I was impressed with myself.  Being surrounded by mostly male cyclists was quite motivating.  Hmm, wonder why...  Here I am at mile 17.53 at 2 hrs. 25 min.  An excellent time for me especially given lack of training.  Please refrain from laughing too much.  It's also where I met The BF coming down, so, I turned around and trotted back down.

There goes The BF.  I practically forgot about the 6'6 Canadian from Ottawa who sat next to me on the plane a few weeks ago.   Ah, I like this view...  Great outing.  I'm back on the bike and ready to trot some more.

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