Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hard on Ham - Happy 2014

Time to start the New Year riding Mt. Hamilton.

All the times I've done this ride, and as slow as I am, I've never noticed this sign near Grant Ranch.

I started with a bang but the oomph factor peetered out around mile 11.  I was annoyed by the caravan of Porches that drove too closely past cyclists including me and the traffic didn't help the air quality either. 

Lots of cyclists wished me a happy New Year.  I ran into Thomas!  And waved to Mr. Bill.

One guy flew by and said, "Go hard, Go hard."  That's right Mister, harder harder, that's what I like to say....

Lookey, a fire truck!  Unfortunately, the firemen were not there for my entertainment.  Yesterday, there was a fire started by a stolen vehicle.  Thanks to our firefighters, it was contained.  Here's the story

Here's a photo of some of the burn around mile 10.5.   There's a fireman in yellow.  I saw a fox walking around and that was a joyful sight.  Too bad I couldn't get his photo.  The BF had a good ride, making it to the top in 2 hours.  He was pleased.  I will go all the way next time. After all, the year's only just begun.

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Alison said...

The usual suspects were out for the Hicks ride today. The 8:30 AM start was a bit frosty, but Arnerich and Reynolds soaked me with sweat. Next weekend John C. and I will visit Lone Tree from Hollister, in case you want to join up.