Saturday, January 18, 2014

Road Trip

Last week, I was in Virginia during its arctic blast (one day it was 4 degrees F).  Yesterday, I was in Sacramento with a quick stop in the evening in Davis for a delicious bowl of roasted butternut squash with sage.

Today, Miss P. and I dashed off together in my car, now that I have a bike rack, to do a Donny club ride that took us through the serene hills of Hollister, over to Highway 25 (Airline Hwy; and part of the LKHC Mega Monster Enduro route) and onward to the Pinnacles National Monument. 

Perfect day to tackle a metric century ride.  We should have worn our bathing suits!  Boy, it sure warmed up.  No wind either!  We saw the usual suspects:  wild turkeys, goats, horses, Mr. Bill on his yellow banana bike. 

I haven't done a long ride in ages and this ride tested my endurance.  Miss P. excelled.  Fabulous road trip!

Just the Stats:

65.84 miles
11.6 avg mph
5 hr 40 min.

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