Monday, October 6, 2014

LKHC 2014 - Montebello

Saturday, Oct 4th

The BF:  I am unable to attend the LKHC Montebello.  I'm doing another bike event.
Me:  You do realize that 150 cyclists, mostly of the male persuasion, have registered for the event.  And I will be there, unchaperoned.
The BF:  Oh oh.
Me:  You got that right, Mister.  Hardly Climb and Punishment (this year's tagline; love it by the way).  More like, a playground for me to flirt.
The BF:  Sigh.
Me:  You got that right, Mister.

As it turned out, it was dreadfully hot.  Having done nothing, other than flirt, I was already glistening in sweat.  I said to Mr. Bill, my teammate:  How about I sit in your lap (he has a hybrid electric) and we claim that we're a tandem ...  anything to get out climbing in the heat. 

And we're off.  Naturally, I was in the back at the start ... and naturally, all of the cyclists would beat me.  In my overactive imagination, I like to think that the huge turnout of male cyclists is because they are here to demonstrate their manliness to me.  Go on, go on, conquer me, I mean, the climb....

I was so impressed with myself.  When am I not.  Actually, I was really impressed with the women and the tandem riders.  Everybody rocked.  It was also wonderful to see friends I haven't seen in awhile, like Lisa and Dave and Adam Tow.  So, how'd I do.  Well, I thought I was steaming but I sort of blew the last mile and ended up being 4 minutes slower than last year's time.  My time was 57.47.

Ring ring

The BF:  How'd you get on?
Me:  Oh, I got it on alrighty, Mister.
The BF:  I don't even want to know the details....

Up next, Sierra Road.

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Alison Chaiken said...

I'm stumped: what the camera that took the middle shot mounted on, a shoe?