Saturday, October 18, 2014

Look What the Cat Dragged In

What a lovely day for a bike ride.  Been a long time since The Boyfriend and I have been able to do a ride together, the last time being Horseshoe Meadows in the Eastern Sierras last month.  But today, we got together to do the Sunol ride, starting with going up Old Calaveras.

I said to The BF, "You know, absence does not make my heart grow fonder.  It simply allows my eyes the opportunity to wander."   Speaking of which, earlier in the week, I had a different dentist attend to me, and I must say, I fell in lust, as much as one can do given that one is in a chair having one's teeth worked upon.

Oh goodness, I guess I've wandered again.  The BF no doubt is sighing that I haven't stuck to the topic of biking.

One of the reasons we chose to do Calaveras, Felter and over to Sunol, besides doing Old Calaveras and The Wall, both challenging but short climbs was that we hoped to encounter Low Keyers finishing up LKHC Welsh Creek, and sure enough we did!  I saw Mr. Bill in his yellow banana electric hybrid and other cyclists.  The BF saw Dan C. freshly back from his European adventure including Paris and its Velib

It was a treat, both to be biking with The BF again and to be back on the bike.  I gave myself two weeks to get over some recent health stuff and I think I did swell.  Til the next adventure!

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