Saturday, February 27, 2016

Happy in Hollister

Here in Hollister to celebrate Joan's birthday doing a club ride I've not done before.  How wonderful to see Carol and Tom from Eastern Sierra adventures as well as Guy.  I should back up and mention that Miss P and I carpooled to the location.  I love our road trips.

Quickly the morning mist burned off and we were treated to spectacular weather.  Here we are tackling John Smith Road.  I was lush, oops, I mean, the scenery was lush.  I kept stopping to photograph a scene.  I couldn't get enough.  Of course, I've also heard than men can't get enough of me, either.  Oh oh, I'm beginning to digress;  The Boyfriend, unable to attend, is undoubtedly heaving a great sigh.

Miss P. and I were sometimes together, and sometimes we managed to stay with the pack, and sometimes she got ahead of me, and occasionally, I pulled out.  I think we both were pleased with how we did given that our outings on the bike have been sporadic. 

We climbed and descended Quien Sabe.  Wow, spectacular.  The ride was full of rollers as well.  We encountered cows frolicking in a pond, turkey vultures finding lunch, baby goats, and Alpacas (or llamas) along our journey.  Alas, I spotted no aliens....

The views made the ride.  And we're back in the saddle.  A nice way to spend a Saturday.  Here's the route sheet.

Just the Stats:

45.36  miles
32.5 mph on a descent
10.7 avg mph
4 hr 13 min

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