Saturday, February 6, 2016

Menacing Mama and Frolicking Turtles

It's been more than two weeks since getting out to exercise and enjoy the beauty of the Bay Area.

Today, my hiking friends and I explored Sunol Regional Wilderness and boy the 4.5 mile hike was spectacular.  It was definitely steep in some areas and a real butt burner.

We enjoyed the sound of the running creek as we climbed through woods and passed rocky areas, eventually getting to the top for stunning views.  And grateful for some flat and wide trails.

We had to change course rather abruptly due to a menacing mama cow who chased, no charged hikers (coming to close to her wee ones).  We didn't want to make the headlines, you know, Death by Cow.  We also came to a pond full of little turtles!  Two of them were doing the naughty.  Oh my God, get a hotel room, would ya!  Turns out they are western pond turtles.  Fascinating.  Wonderful to get out again finally.  Now to get back in shape.

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