Saturday, May 14, 2016

Free on Fremont Peak

Free at last to go on a bike ride.  Off to Fremont Peak in San Juan Bautista.  We had 20+ riders on the club ride, including Tom and Carole!  Good weather, too.

What's not to like about this ride!  Oh, I know, it's a 10 mile climb.  How fun!  Said no out of shape cyclist ever. 

I rode and chatted with Tom and Carole for awhile.  They turned around at mile 5 leaving me to climb alone.  I was smack in the middle of the riding posse.  I surprised myself by getting to the top with little whine.  My back ached a bit but I kept pedaling away.  A steady 5 mph for most of the climb, dipping down to 3.5 mph in the steepest bits.  Not going to win any medals but who cares.

At the top, I met, wait wait for it, a woman.  She was amazed that we rode up.  She asked my age.  I said 12.  Then I told her I was one of the younger ones and that just blew her away. I flew down the mountain to warm up and a good chunk required no pedaling.  That was fun.

We went through town to go to Aromas but I lost interest.  The wind kicked up and I found myself more interested in visiting San Juan Bautista Mission (and location for Hitchcock's Vertigo).

I said farewell to Donny and Joan as they continued on the ride.  I slept poorly the night before and found myself struggling to stay awake driving home.  22 miles and 3822 feet of climbing.  Happy.

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