Sunday, May 29, 2016

Hej from Solvang

Sunday, May 22nd

Hello from Solvang.  The Boyfriend and I are here once again for a much needed holiday, albeit biking not wine tasting in the lovely Santa Ynez Valley, but, I forgive him.

Ah, Solvang, a quaint town if ever there was one.  Old world charm at its touristy best.  Years ago, I bought the creepy fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm.  Sigh, our favorite coffee place, The Bulldog Cafe, is no longer.  Still, I've lost track of the times I've visited Solvang but each time brings something new for me to appreciate.  Take the time to look at the Elverhoj Museum website

This time, I was able to do some shopping.  I bought souvenirs for co-workers from Rasmussen, in business since 1946.  I bought a Pendleton cotton wool blanket from the Pacific Northwest Trading company (not exactly Danish but hey, I helped the economy....).  I did eat a few danish pastries. 

One afternoon, I strolled along the boulevard and met two gentlemen who declared that my shapely legs were much too white to be from California.  Hmm. Okay. Sorry that I use suntan lotion because I don't want to get skin cancer....  I discovered an English pub that we would eat at later in the week and I also visited the farmer's market.  This market's produce is exquisite.  I should have taken photos.  I bought the best carrots I have ever tasted, for only $2.  And I also bought several lavender products from a swell looking farmer from Lucky Dog Lavender.  I did not have time, yet again, to visit Ostrichland, one of the treats of Solvang, a site we bike past on many a ride. 

Meanwhile, after settling into our hotel, we set off to do the Amgen Tour of California time trial (held several times in Solvang), a lovely 15 mile route that includes Ballard Canyon with its bison.  Here's one video to watch of the course.  Meanwhile, The Independent has a great page of rides to do while in the area.  Tonight we ate at the Solvang Brewing Company; I had a delicious ahi tuna kale salad.  Tomorrow we start our journey, and as you can tell, the weather for the week is a mix of clouds, sun, wind and temperatures in the 60s. 

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