Saturday, August 27, 2016

Color Me Purple

With the pleasant temperatures we've been experiencing in the Bay Area, The Boyfriend and I decided to do Mines Road in Livermore today.  Normally Livermore would be baking (100 F) but not today.  It was dry and the sky hazy from recent fires but otherwise perfect for biking.  I regret not taking photos of the ripe grapes hanging heavily and beautifully in a vineyard we passed.

 Omg, I can't believe I  forgot to apply purple eyeshadow to match my outfit before heading out.  What was I thinking.  The BF wore an orange kit.  What a pair we made.  At the Junction (Mt Hamilton), we had a good lunch at the renovated Junction Cafe, now under new management.  Good food. The divine Miss Janet from LKHC fame showed up.  Looking forward to seeing her again soon. We weren't alone today, encountering cyclists and motorcyclists now and then.  Great outing especially since I haven't been on the bike for 3 weeks.  I managed to do 53.70 miles in 5 hr. 20 min.  The BF, steaming away, did 56 miles.  I hit 29.5 mph on a descent.  He did something like 36 mph.   A nice day.

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