Sunday, August 7, 2016

10 Miles and No Alien Sightings

For today's hike, the gang decided we should do 10 miles in Calero County Park, a park I often bike past on McKean Road.  10 miles you say, well, sure why not.  Omg, I should have said, "Really?  Why?"  It was far tougher than I anticipated, with steep climbs and lots of undulation.  At least we had a breeze.

We did have some super views and interesting unexpected things, like a, wait, wait for it, no, not an encounter with a hot dude, but, a bat barn.  No photo to share.  I'd like to do this hike in the winter months when everything is green.

I shared with the gang my tales and theories about aliens, something The Boyfriend had to endure on one of our Solvang cycling trips.  Well let me tell ya, I wish I had been abducted by aliens on the hike.  Boy, it was tiring towards the end but once at home, all cleaned up, I'm glad to have done it. 

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