Sunday, November 18, 2007

Mysteries of Life

There are many mysteries in life. The sudden extinction of dinosaurs being one. Figuring out who will finish last in a Low Key Hillclimb event is not one of them. Sigh. Week 8 featured Sierra Road for the next to last Low Key Hillclimb. Results and photos are posted. When I arrived at the top, the nice volunteer said, "Are you the last? Is there anyone behind you?" Oh, he must be new ... sigh. What can I say. I fell behind, way behind. The photo below of me is classic -- a behind shot. Still, the event was wonderful with 104 cyclists participating and yes, that means I was the 104th person to finish. The Boyfriend (who looked mighty fine) was waiting for me at the top. Sweet, eh. The pain, the agony of defeat and all that other blah are worth it for the descent down the other side.

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