Friday, November 23, 2007

That's All Folks

Knowing that LKHC volunteers would miss their Thanksgiving dinner if I participated officially in the Mt. Hamilton climb (the last event in the Low Key Hillclimb series), I ventured out on my own, starting 20 minutes earlier than the other cyclists and made it to mile 4.7 before the herd overtook me. A blink of the eye and the first wave zoomed past me. I cheered and waved and then resumed biking. A little while later, Adam, Marie and Pat sailed past me. As usual, I was distracted by the men I met, the cows I saw and the lovely scenery (the hills are just beginning to turn green). The day was clear and the view of Lick Observatory looming in the distance was stunning. Of course, it only loomed and remained in the distance for me....

I made it to mile 15.5 before I met The Boyfriend coming back down along with most of the other participants. In my mind, I finished ... in fact, I have so once before. Back at the parking lot, rumor had it that James P. was on his way to doing Mt. Ham again. "Out of shape dad?" I don't think so, Mister. Results and Ron's photos are posted.

Later, The Boyfriend joked that when we come back from our 2 week biking holiday next summer in the French Alps, I'll be buffed and no doubt will move up in the ranks to place next to last in the LKHC series. That'll be the day. Shed my weenie wings? No more weenie miles per hour? Turn into a speeding snail? We'll see.


Goodbye Stranger
It's been nice
Thank you Dan, Kevin and all for the LKHC
I'll be seeing you

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