Saturday, February 2, 2008

Got Culture?

I decided to get me some culture today and I'm not talking about the kind grown in a Petri dish or the kind found in a container of yoghurt. I met up with The Boyfriend on a wet rainy afternoon at the Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center located on the Stanford University campus. I borrowed the photos from Wikipedia Commons.
We went to see the Private and Public: Class, Personality, Politics, and Landscape in British Photography exhibit. Stark black and white photos yet beautiful and elegant. The museum is free. I come from Virginia where I expect museums to be free -- hello Smithsonian. During my university years, obtaining a degree in cultural anthropology, I spent a summer as an intern at the Smithsonian cataloging Peruvian skulls. It was my first inkling as to the vast amount of "information" yet to be catalogued or made known to the public. My mom is a volunteer at the Smithsonian Postal Museum. I think that's so cool and I'm proud of her. I recommend the Smithsonian Catalog if you're in the market for unique gifts. But let's not forget our own Bay Area treasures such as the SF Fine Arts Museum (de Young and Legion of Honor) - check out the blog. Lovely area for a stroll as well.
Okay, enough culture. Time to read People Magazine instead of the book review I'm supposed to write for Library Journal. :)

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