Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tour of California Prologue

I spent the day in downtown Palo Alto at the start for the 2008 Amgen Tour of California Prologue. A good sized crowd cheered the cyclists as they shot off, both the amateurs at the beginning and the pros doing the time trial that went along Hamilton to University to Palm into the Stanford campus.

Above is Tyler Hamilton.

For Low Key Hill Climbers and radio fans, in the above photo, here's Irish Greg from KFOG shooting off. Go Greg! He also participated in the Webcor San Jose King of the Mountain event the day before and finished first in his category. We're proud of you.

Next up, it's The Boyfriend. He volunteered as a marshall and got a plum assignment at the start allowing close ups of the cyclists. I was close enough to touch them. They were like rock stars and actually, that's pretty darn cool. While on the beat, The Boyfriend was able to: a) prevent me from flirting with the pros and the crowd; or b) to protect the pros or the crowd from me. Take your pick. :)

A photo of me taken by me. I really enjoyed watching the cyclists tear down the road at incredible speeds along with their motorcylists and cars in hot pursuit. I also enjoyed the man who struck up a conversation with me. He was quite handsome; tall, blonde, attractive wrinkles, taking photos with a huge lens. He reminded me of the actor Ed Begley Jr.

A photo of George Hincapie spinning. I'd like to look like this when I'm on the trainer. Sigh. I like his clothes line and have a few hanging in my closet.

Levi Leipheimer preparing to go go go. He was so cute in blue.
Next up, I'll be at the finish line with Lorraine at City Hall in downtown San Jose later in the week as the cyclists do Sierra Road and Mt. Hamilton. Oh my Gosh.

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