Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

After the 58.9 mile Watsonville ride, I expected to take the day off, to have a day of rest, to paint my nails, to eat bonbons, to lounge about -- after all, it was Labor Day weekend. But no, The Boyfriend decided to work me hard the rest of the holiday.

We spent Sunday exploring the Don Edwards SF Bay National Wildlife Refuge on our hybrids. I want to go back when everything is green!

Photo above: Look a big hole in the ground but usually referred to as a quarry.

We ended up biking 25 miles, including going over the Dumbarton Bridge.

Monday was spent biking Sand Hill Road, Whiskey Hill and Canada Road, a 28 mile loop which we did on our road bikes in 2 hours, somewhat of a personal best for me. The Boyfriend was amazed at my speed (21-30 mph on stretches of Canada Road and Sand Hill). "I feel the need for speed" as Maverick and Goose said in Top Gun. Well not really, I usually just feel the need to lounge about and eat bonbons.

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