Monday, September 29, 2008

Sideways in Solvang

Monday, September 22, 2008.

BF: Wake up Missy, time to do the Sideways and Amgen Tour of California time trial routes. 60 miles of glorious biking.
Me: What is this Boot camp or vacation?
BF: Got to get you in shape for the 2008 Low Key Hillclimbs!
Me: Will there be SAG support today with a Chippendale male dancer driving?
BF: Sigh. What to do with you, what to do with you?
Me: Well, there's a spa down the street ....

This route took us past rolling hills, U-Pick apple farms, wineries, exotic animals, and ranches - a sense of serenity hangs in the air. Thanks to the Santa Barbara Bike Coalition for providing us with routes. The time trial route was lovely; we did it a number of times throughout our stay. No wonder the pros train here. The weather is perfect, the locals are nice, and there is little traffic, though it would be even sweeter when the hills are green.

Lookey, buffalo!

Lookey, ostrich.

Lookey, another animal. Oh wait, that's The Boyfriend. Some view, eh!

I had 2 flats. The BF noticed my rim tape needed repairing so he applied a temporary fix with electrical tape. Now you tell me, does your man carry electrical tape? Could be a defining moment in a relationship. :)

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