Sunday, January 18, 2009

Heading up to the Headlands

Another lovely warm sunny day in the Bay Area and perfect conditions for a ride in the Marin Headlands.

A thrilling descent though I had to walk a bit of it given my fear of heights. I snapped photos with my eyes shut though I kept them open while riding. Of course walking down the steepest part afforded me opportunity to meet a number of male cyclists eager to lend a helping hand to a damsel in distress. The Boyfriend is shaking his head and sighing.

Down the rabbit hole into Sausalito

Quick stop at Starbucks.
He: What would you like?
Me: You.
He: Focus Missy Focus.
Me: I am focusing -- on you.
He: Sigh. Blog about the biking!
Me: Okay, the Headlands loop is 10 miles. Take the Alexander exit once past the Golden Gate Bridge, going North. Park in the lot. Get on bike. Go. Go some more. Arrive in Sausalito, the American Riviera. Try not to flirt.
He: Sigh.

Dam fine looking cyclist in Sausalito.

Sailboats on the Bay.

Parting shot of the Bridge from the parking lot.

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