Sunday, July 5, 2009

Out with Ludwig

Today the plan was to bike Piedmont to Calaveras to the Wall and on to Sunol with Ludwig. Ludwig, you ask? No, no, not the real name of The Boyfriend. There I was charging up Calaveras to Symphony No. 9 in D minor (Ode to Joy) after a lovely Symphony No. 7 and before I knew it, I was at The Wall. You call that a Wall. Today it was a picket fence along with No. 5. And then, along the rolling hills, oh no, I realized that I forgot my water bottles! I'd already finished the water in my camelbak, wateraholic that I am. On the way back, I met some guys who were doing The Wall for the first time. Ah, my first time ....

I made my way to Downing and onward to Ed R. Levin Park where I knew there would be water. Check out the hill I climbed while in the park. And to my delight, I saw hang gliders dancing in the sky to the music of Mr. B. I stood for a time mesmerized.

I found a water spigot. I began to fill my camelbak. Eeeeek, the water turned brown. I found a water fountain but it was too difficult to fill the camelbak. So, I gulped as much as I could before carrying on.

Farewell pretty park. On the way back to the car, Sierra loomed and I said, "Hey why not." So, I climbed the first section. And a new alter ego appeared: Cheeky Cyclist. Why not do it again. Okey dokey. So, I did the first section again. And one more time. And then some more of Piedmont before the thirst kicked in and the winds picked up. 22 miles, 30 mph max, 9.8 average and a whole lot of fun. I hope Cheeky comes out again to play.

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Alison Chaiken said...

Christine, you're turning into a studette! Sierra repeats: scary! Let me guess, you're preparing for the Death Ride too? You're going to be dropping The Boyfriend soon if he doesn't watch out.