Saturday, July 18, 2009

Where's the Frigging Marine Layer?

Okay People, let's state the obvious -- it's hot. I'm tired of being hot. Well, that is to say, I'm tired of the physical symptoms of hotness .... :) Yesterday, I was ever so hot as I bowled in a tournament with my colleagues. My first bowl was a strike. Yeah, I'm hot. But I digress.

I swam last night in my pool. Swimming in the dark in a lighted pool is nice. Probably do it again this evening. Meanwhile, today, given the heat, I chose to take the hybrid to Alviso and then bike along the Bay. Smart decision as it was cooler. That's Shoreline Amphitheatre that you see in the above photo.

Supposedly, Sunday will be cooler. I do not hold my breath. Currently, at 6pm today, it's 82 in my home. You know I'm hot. :)

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Alison Chaiken said...

I rode from M.V. to San Gregorio and up Tunitas today. The coast was a bit hazy and cool, and while the valley was hot, it was all downhill by the time we got back here. Next weekend I'll be in the Santa Cruz Mountains Challenge, which was stinking hot last year. I hope that cooler temperatures will prevail this time!