Sunday, July 12, 2009

Showtime and Showdown in Tahoe

While The Boyfriend did the Death Ride (yeah yeah yeah, he did all 5 passes again and managed to miss the sudden rain storm that struck the Tahoe area late afternoon), I ventured out, exploring various routes, like Pioneer Trail, Pope Beach, Baldwin Beach and other scenic routes.

The contrast was spectacular -- to see the snow in the mountains, the sunbathers and these feathered creatures.

I was caught off guard, finding myself taking on neighborhood roads that involved some challenging climbs and fun descents. And then, the showdown, the confrontation with the squirrel. After dealing with butterflies close to the size of my hand (I kid you not), I came across a noisy obnoxious critter that at first I took to be a bird. I could hear its noisy chatter over my iPod Nano. I got off my bike and confronted what turned out to be a squirrel. I stared at him, her, it. And it, him, her, stared back. It was all rather silly.

Meanwhile, I garnered quite the attention even though The Boyfriend is the one with the reputation of recognition. Whistles and what not while out riding, walking, and in a restaurant. I suppose I ought to stop stepping out in provocative dress. :)

All in all, a fun weekend. I'm proud of The Boyfriend for his accomplishment. I also hope that Miss P. enjoyed herself.

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