Saturday, August 22, 2009

Out and About in South San Jose

Warning: Today's entry contains no flirting, no sexual innuendo, no snappy dialogue or witty remarks. You'll probably fall asleep while reading this. Occasionally, I take a holiday from said lifestyle. Of course, itll be a short stay.

Wonderful day spent with biking buddies C, P, S and T. We did a 41 mile loop that took us from Los Gatos to South San Jose and included Shannon/Kennedy, Bernal, Bailey, and a new test climb -- Country View, off McKean.

Above, a section of Bernal, a climb I've never done before. Being late summer, you see how dry the area is. Today was quite warm, the afternoon muggy and thankfully, by late afternoon, the weather broke and cooler temperatures returned.

Above, another section of Bernal. The gang waits under the trees for me.

Above, a shot of Calero Reservoir.

I was just about out of water by the time we got to Country View. I only climbed part of it while the gang did all of it! The climb itself is just shy of 2 miles, beginning with maybe an 8% grade, a descent and then the steeper bits of 10% or more, I'm guessing. It's harder than Metcalf. C said we climbed a 1000 feet. The views allow you to see Mt. Hamilton, Mt. Um., Hwy. 101, and Calero Reservoir. The photo I shot captures none of what makes it spectacular. The area is quite interesting -- a few mansions and then paved roads that lead nowhere but are fun for cyclists. When winter arrives and the hills turn green, it will be quite the sight.

If you're still awake .... next weekend, The Boyfriend and I are off to do a week long bike tour through Planet Ultra of Southern Utah. No doubt I'll come back a changed cyclist but what that means exactly, who knows.

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Alison Chaiken said...

No titillation! Next thing we know, you'll be posting about gear ratios, chain lubes and various kinds of tire treads.

Have a great time in Utah, and tell Deb and Brian I said hi.