Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tour of Southern Utah Itinerary

Friday, The Boyfriend and I are heading off for Planet Ultra's Tour of Southern Utah.
Below is the itinerary taken from the tour's webpage. Check out the tour's photoblog as well as the photo album. Above is a photo I took in 2005 while visiting Moab.
I wonder if I'll get lost like I tend to do and then, the Lone Ranger and Tonto will rescue me from the buffalo stampede! The BF is shaking his head. I bet that he is simply too excited knowing that he'll be in the car with me all the way to Bakersfield and beyond as we make our way to Utahland.

Day One - St. George to Mt. Carmel Junction, via Zion National Park: About 80 miles with over 5300' of elevation gain. And bonus miles - ride from Mt. Carmel Junction to the Coral Pink Sand Dunes. The extra bit is about 28 miles.

Day Two - Mt. Carmel Junction to Bryce National Park:About 60 miles with over 3700' of gain.

Day Three - Bryce National Park to Escalante: Ride into Bryce and climb to Rainbow Point at 9100'. This is 38 miles with about 2,900' of climbing. The ride to Escalante is about 48 miles with 1,800' of gain.

Day Four - Escalante to Torrey: About 66 miles with over 6,100' of gain. And, bonus miles on Capital Reef Scenic Drive. The extra bit is about 36 miles with 2,500' of gain.

Day Five - Torrey to Panguitch: About 106 miles with about 3,400' of gain.

Day Six - Panguitch to Cedar City, via Brian Head and Cedar Breaks National Monument: About 57 miles with about 5,300' of gain. We'll reach our highest point on this ride, at 10,500'.

Day Seven - Cedar City to St. George:About 83 miles with just over 2,500' of gain. Alas, the last day...

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Alison Chaiken said...

Sounds exhausting, although of course the beautiful scenery will help. I love the "Bakersfield and beyond" comment. Is there something notable in Bakersfield? You remind of that old Saul Steinberg cartoon "New Yorker's view of the world."