Saturday, October 10, 2009

Making the Grade Up Old La Honda

Earlier in the week, before Week 2, Low Key Hill Climb, Old La Honda:

Me: Our ring leader, Dan the Man, needs someone to organize cyclists into groups for OLH. I wanna volunteer, pick me, pick me! Imagine the groups I might put together!
The BF: I am trying not to imagine...
Me: You've seen my closet! Clothes organized first by color, then by item type, then by material, then by season.
The BF: Sigh, you librarians.
Me: I could have a field day, I could write a referred paper!
The BF: I think that they just want the groups to be organized by speed.
Me: Oh you men, with your need for speed.
The BF: Well, Old La Honda sets the bar for measurement.
Me: Listen Mister, the only measure that means anything is whether a man measures up to me!
The BF: Am I going to make the grade?
Me: To be determined .... alas, I hear that they have enough volunteers.
The BF: Thank God for small miracles.

Oh my Gosh, oh my gosh, my first Low Key Hill Climb of the season. Old La Honda! A name by any other name -- Old La Civic, Old La Corvette, Old La Chrysler -- just not the same ring to it.

As I made my way to start at Windy Hill parking lot, I met a male cyclist. I know, I know, what can I say, I have a knack for meeting men.....

He: What's your goal?
Me: Do you want the 5 yr plan or just today's?
He: Uh, for OLH.
Me: Well, I believe I met today's objectives: wake up (check), do 5 push ups (check), do 3 sit ups (check), watch Dexter (check), read up on faceted searching (check), paint nails. Oh my God, I forgot to paint my nails!
He: Uh, for OLH?
Me: Oh, you know, get up it.

The biking, woman, the biking, The Boyfriend is saying to me. Focus on the biking. Oh alrighty. I was in the last group to climb OLH, along with my biking babes P and C and some nice people I met, along with some people I haven't seen in awhile -- Hello K. Okay, suppress your giggles, get out your pompoms -- I got up in I believe 33 minutes (unofficial until results are posted), shaving off 5 minutes from the last time I did OLH. When I got to the top, I expected The Boyfriend to be waiting with limo, chocolates, red roses, and champagne. Not. I think I will have to send him to remedial boyfriend school. Nah, he's a honey.

Results and photos are posted here. Thank you volunteers and everyone else for making this a swell event. Thank you P and C for riding with me.

This year's slogan: Make the Grade. And that we did.

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Alison Chaiken said...

Nice result, Christine. You're looking pretty competitive! Must be those tips you picked up from Levi last weekend.