Saturday, October 17, 2009

Taking on Tunitas Creek

Earlier in the week, before Week 3, Low Key Hillclimb Tunitas Creek/Star/Swet:

The BF: I won't be there for the LKHC ride Saturday.
Me: Oh darn. What to do, what to do? [eyebrow arches]. Hmm. Flirt!
The BF: Not! Focus on the biking, on the climbing!
Me: So demanding. Bike NOT flirt. A boolean operator. I'm getting excited.
The BF: Stop! Focus.
Me: Yes, Sir.
The BF: You got that right, Missy. Sometimes a man has to put his pedal down!

Come Saturday morning, I had to tear myself away from chapter 3 of the book Stiff by Mary Roach -- she was at the body farm in Tennessee. Oh how I miss those days at university as an anthropology major lass -- well I only got to study Peruvian skulls at the Smithsonian. To study, to observe, to share knowledge. I digress. Back to the climb.

I descended Swet and Star and ran into men but alas, I had a charter, a boolean operator commanding me to behave. Naturally, having never biked either Swet or Star I felt compelled to catalog each road, giving them meta tags to prepare me on the return.

I met up with a friend who asked where The Boyfriend was. Well, I explained he was on a business trip and I was supposed to, you know, not flirt. She looked at me. Wait, wait for it -- an explosion of laughter from both of us. Then I ran into a team mate and well ....

[insert music to The Twist]

C'mon baby, let's do the climb
C'mon baby, let's do the climb
Take me by my little hands and go like this
Climb, climb, climb, oooooh, yeah, just like this,
C'mon on little miss, and do the climb.
My Boyfriend ain't around, he ain't around
We're going to climb and climb and climb
Until we tear Tunitas down

92 men. 16 women (well one was about 5 years old -- Thank God I beat her). Perfect weather. Another fun filled event led by a great team of volunteers. Being in the back, I missed all the action. Sigh. I was pleased with my time of 67:09 though when compared to everyone else's -- well, let's not go there. Next week, I'll try not to shake it up, nor twist nor shout on Soda Springs but well, you know, I'm me, what can I say....

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Alison Chaiken said...

Awesome photos, even PEP in her new Death Ride jersey!