Saturday, January 9, 2010

Radar Love

I intended to do an ACTC ride today but one step outdoors into the cold, damp dreary air, I said, "Screw that." I decided to have a day of something different. So, first I made Jerusalem artichoke soup. It is neither from Jersusalem nor an artichoke. It's part of the Sunflower family yet it tastes somewhat like an artichoke. Go figure. My, that's a big ping pong ball in the above photo, eh, and nothing to do with the story so far.

Next, I watched a t.v. production (Masterpiece Theatre) of Count Dracula. When the Count seduces Lucy, it's to die for. :) Today's passion though was to visit a place I've been meaning to go for quite some time. That ping pong ball is really Pillar Point United States Air Force Station, and the northern most instrumentation site of Vandenberg A.F.B. Wow, I must be a librarian to know such things. No, there was a sign ....

Naturally The Boyfriend regrets that he had business to attend to and could not join me.

Being at the beach turned a gloomy day into a romantic outing. Especially as I thought about that seduction scene from Count Dracula.

The wind kicked up, a few rain drops fell and it was time to leave. And coming soon -the regular scheduled programming of my cycling adventures....

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