Saturday, March 27, 2010

Put Your Foot Down

Another splendid ACTC ride led by S & P. A full stop in the town of Woodside, as explained by P, our hostess with the mostess, means clipping out and putting your foot down on the road. AC delivered the best line of the day, proclaiming that drivers should be required to open their car door and put their foot down, too.
Nine of us, not all pictured, started the ride at Shoup Park in Los Altos, making our way over to Old La Honda. After climbing it, we descended and climbed back up West Old La Honda and continuing on Skyline to the Skylonda store at Hwy 84. Lots of cyclists and motorcyclists out on this perfect biking weather day. A fellow ACTC rider showed us the water spigot on the porch outside the store. Wonderful to know for wateraholics like me.
We continued on Skyline, I, of course, taking up the rear to King Mtn. and onward to Sand Hill Road, Whiskey Hill, Juniper Serra, Foothill and back to the start. I had Strauss Jr. for the climbs and Billy Idol for the descents. S wants me to get some AC/DC. Hey, as soon as iTunes adds them....
Ewwwe, I think a cyclist, not from our group, came on to me or do I say hit on me as I took a breather at one point in Woodside. Hey, even, I, on occasion, am not in the mood (shocking you say). Though I liked it when the policeman in his patrol car waved back at me and the firemen in their big red truck who smiled .... oh I digress and no doubt, The Boyfriend who was away on a business trip is shaking his head.
Just the Stats:
3 hrs. 56 min.
42 miles
30 mph max
10.7 mph avg.
39 min going up OLH (34 min during 2009 LKHC)

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