Saturday, October 9, 2010


How I so wished to participate in the second year of Levi's GranFondo but surgery has put a dent in biking activities. Still, I had quite the day in Santa Rosa.

I walked 3.3. miles from the hotel to the event. Along the way, I encountered many a tattoo parlor, palm reader rooms as well as a memorial park for Luther Burbank, a prominent and world renowned horticulturist at the turn of the 20th century.

I came across plenty of tributes to the characters of Charles Schultz's Peanuts. Go Snoopy!

Perhaps it was a good thing not to participate in this year's GranFondo. Not sure I could handle biking with 5,999 other cyclists. I was thrilled when I saw biking buddies P and C come across the finish line. I was so proud of them. Another great moment that everyone seemed to enjoy was watching little cyclists (kids under 10) finish. Quite the show.

Last year, I snapped a photo of Levi. A thrill. This year - the big surprise.... Oh my God, it's Patrick Dempsey! What a frigging hunk. No different up close and in person. Frigging hunk, people.

I waited and waited in the hot sun for The Boyfriend to cross the finish line and I completely missed him! While he is not a Hollywood celebrity, he is well known in other circles and world renowned too, and a frigging hunk up close and in person. He had just gotten over a cold, and returned from a speaking engagement the day before, yet, he did the 102 mile course, averaging 15 mph. Wow! What a day for interesting characters doing this event -- later The BF told me that he saw The Fat Cyclist and his wife The Runner.

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Alison Chaiken said...

Glad to hear everyone finished safely. We had a strong turnout at LKHC too, although not 6000 thank goodness. You have plenty more centuries in you and won't remember missing this one in 6 months.