Sunday, October 17, 2010

Let's Go for a Spin

LKHC Portola State Park / W. Alpine - Week 3 Report

After seeing Patrick Dempsey biking last weekend at Levi's GranFondo, I wondered how I might top that experience.

Well ... let me count the ways:

Friday --

First, the Earth moved ... oh alrighty, we had a teenie earthquake in San Jose.

Next, The GF contacted me:

GF: Want to go for a ride in The Car Sat? assuming you don't have plans with what's his name?
Me: The Boyfriend? What BF? You betcha!

Saturday --

A sea of male cyclists clad in tight fitting spandex milling about after the LKHC Portola State Park climb. Let me repeat. A sea of male cyclists clad in .... How I so enjoyed listening to the first batch of cyclists as they came across the finish line -- such heavy breathing. Made me wonder if it was any indication of .... by now The BF is making faces ... alas, their efforts/breathing reminded me of why I always finish last. I simply save my energy and breathing for other activities. Oh oh, The BF is undoubtedly making faces.

Oh lookey, it's The Boyfriend off to do another ride after the hillclimb. Earlier we had a conversation which of course I shall share with you:

Me: Are your legs fresh for the climb? [last weekend, he did the GranFondo]
BF: I hope so
Me: Because I like fresh men
BF: I bet you do
Me: And sophmores, and seniors, undergraduates, and ...
BF: Listen Missy, the only man you need is me, a real man.
Me: Ooooh, assertive. And you look good in tight fitting spandex.
BF: Damn right, Missy.

Ah, the piece de resistance. How to top all that had come before? The GF took me for a spin in The Car, a wee bit bigger than the one shown above. She put on her driving gloves, I wanted to wear a race car helmet. Oh my God, dare I say it, it may be on par with chocolates and sex. I thought we were in an airplane taking off on the runway. Loud, fast, two women, hot damn. Vrooom vrooom.

And finally, the last spin of my tale. Sunday, The BF and I went out on our Specialized hybrids before the rain came. It was my first outing since the surgery. We made our way to Shoreline on a flat course. 12 miles at 8.5 mph avg. Sad, I know, but I have to start somewhere.

Cheers to the men and women who did the LKHC Portola/Alpine ride.

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