Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Return of Weenie Woman

Route: Piedmont -->Felter-->down Sierra

The last time I rode my new bike, the Specialized Ruby Elite Carbon Compact, was August 28th. Yesterday, when I did sit ups for the first time since the surgery, I knew it was time to get back on the bike. I love this bike, people! I felt strong and light (the removal of 4lbs of tumors probably helped) climbing Felter, as though the surgery and post recovery never happened. I love this bike and its SRAM gearing system.

Oh the things I saw on Felter. Two squirrels doing something the nasty. Eek. Lots of horses and cows. And then the pond with the frogs frolicking. I only got a photo of one as the others dived below surface. Too adorable.

Then of course, as usual, I met this guy ... I was singing songs from The Sound of Music.

He: So, do you go to the hills when your heart is lonely?
Me: I go to the hills to meet men like you, Mister!

He was hot, like the actor John Hamm, and with a five o'clock shadow. We played tag with one another, he out front for awhile, me overtaking him for a time but he blew me away going down Sierra. I lost a lot of time on the descent after feeling so triumphant about my outing.

Perfect weather conditions. Lovely views. The hills were alive with the sounds of cyclists, including me.
Just the stats:
16.54 miles
8.3 avg mph (my best a year ago was 8.8)
29 mph on descent
1 hr 58 min

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Weenie Woman. When you feel weak, consider how many friends I have who tell me that they can't {run,hike,cycle,swim} because they hurt their {knee,ankle,shoulder,elbow} in {sorority prank, Boy Scout picnic, drunken mini-golf}. People who enjoy exercising find a way even if we can't quite do all the things of we once were capable.

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