Saturday, January 22, 2011

Out and About Again

After playing host for a week to Captain Virus and his viral army, and remaining at home quarantined, I managed to get out and see the world, once again with The BikeMaster and 20 other ACTC cyclists, including my friend S&P, and, yes, The Boyfriend (his very first ride with the club).

I was still not firing on all cyclinders, so, the 67 mile route was out of the question. Even if I was in tip top shape, I'm not sure I could have handled Mt. Madonna, which according to The BF was quite steep. We did not ride together. He left me for another bike. A pleasant peaceful 30 mile ride on Old Santa Cruz Hwy and Summit Road on a warm winter day that took 3 hours. I think The BF did the entire route in 4.5 hours. Sigh. When I'm completely better, I may just let him chase after me.

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