Saturday, January 8, 2011

Meandering around Metcalf

8am Saturday morning. The phone rings.

The BF: Whatcha doing!
Me: I'm in my nightie eating scones with clotted cream; and oh yeah, there's a boy toy tied up in the closet.
The BF: I don't believe a word you're saying.
Me: Okay, I lied, I'm wearing my Frederick's of Hollywood --
The BF: Listen Missy, you stop right now, put on your bike clothes and go for a ride.
Me: Must I? It's 46 degrees outside.
The BF: No time like the present to start preparing for next month's Mega Monster Enduro!

It was to be a solo ride since The Boyfriend is away on a business trip and I didn't feel like doing a group ride at 9am on a wintry day. The plan was to do a 34 mile bike ride but I never felt comfortable in the cold so I only did 18 miles.

However, I achieved my goal of climbing Metcalf on the new bike. It didn't take forever (nor in agony) to get up the hill. It's never been like that before. Of course, I've had many men say that to me, too.... oh oh .... Let's see, I biked between 3.6 - 4.8 mph up Metcalf (not pushing myself either). I was pleased. Then I meandered here and there (Bailey, Monterey Hwy, Coyote Creek Trail) before deciding I'd had enough of the cold weather. On the flat stretches I biked between 15 - 22 mph. Perhaps tomorrow, it'll be warmer for a longer bike ride but meanwhile, I need to attend to the noises coming from the closet....

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