Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Ride with a View

Time again for the annual (okay it's been 2 years) Caltran excursion with S&P leading an ACTC ride that had us climbing San Bruno Mtn. before making our way down the Peninsula.

The train conductors took a shine to me. One escorted me to the restroom. The other held the train for The Boyfriend --

Me: That's him, that's him!
Conductor: He's at the wrong end of the platform.
Me: Would you mind holding up the train to make sure he boards with us.
Conductor: Well.
Me: Oh please. It's his first time and he's from another country.
Conductor: How about you dump him and I take you for a ride in the conductor's seat.
Me: Tempting... but ....
Conductor: If only I had a woman like you.
Me: I know, I know, I hear that all the time.

I tell you I felt positively pampered by the two train conductors!

On the train ---

Me: My car's whining. 140,000 miles.
The BF: That's what happens with things as they age and get old.
A stranger next to us: Oh, are you talking about dogs.
Me: No, men.

Lookey, The BF enjoying the view atop San Bruno Mountain.

We snaked our way along Oyster Point, through SFO and onward to Coyote Point Park (pictured above) or as Dr. G says, "Newsflash: There are no coyotes." We continued along the breathtaking Baylands Park Trail making our way over to Alameda de las Pulgas and back to the California Avenue train station. What an adventure. A ride with a view. Thank you S&P.
Just the Stats:
46 miles
28 mph descent
12 mph avg
3 hr 50 min.

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