Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Challenge

You probably think I'm going to talk about the challenge of doing the Santa Cruz Mountains Challenge today, as in by mile 10, we'd already climbed 3,500 feet. Good Gosh no, people. The challenge had to do with how many male encounters I could possibly have, in which I did nothing along the lines of encouragement over a 62 mile course. The odds were stacked in my favor given that this ride is dominated by the opposite sex.

Oh alrighty, let's talk about the biking but only for a moment. We were enveloped in the dense marine layer for the first few hours; the temperature chilly and the air heavy with mist and big juicy rain drops. My glasses fogged up quite a lot thus causing me to stop frequently and thus, you guessed it, for men to behave gallantly and offer assistance.

At times, the sun and blue sky would appear and off came my layers, thus causing me to stop, and you guessed it, for men to behave gallantly and offer assistance.... Oh my Gosh, a woman ahead of me on Jamison Creek stood the whole way on the climb. What a babe.

Even at the end, in line for the fabulous burrito, the server told me that he recognized me from Rest Stop #2. So, how many men did I meet without really trying? Let's just say, I lost count. This is a challenge, I mean the route of course. You will be tested but if I am able to do it, year after year (and it was certainly somewhat easier this year on the Specialized Ruby compact), then, I ask that you think about it next year.

Guess who I saw at the end of the ride. The Boyfriend! He completed the 100 mile course. He is of course the only man I really noticed and the only encounter I wanted. Still, everyone on the course from the volunteers to the riders were super.

Just the Stats:

7,823 ft of climbing
62.72 miles
32.5 mph max on descent
9.8 mph avg
6 hr 22 min

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Alison Chaiken said...

Standing all the way up a climb would make me slower, not faster. I think of standing as being for acceleration, not speed. Once I'm up to speed or beyond whatever brief obstacle, I'm always better off sitting and focusing on circular pedal strokes (pulling with calves at bottom) than standing. YMMV of course.