Saturday, December 3, 2011


With the recent high winds and chilly temperatures, I contemplated leaving my warm inviting bed this morning to do a ride with my favorite biking buddies.  The other evening I was convinced that if I stepped outside with an umbrella, I'd land on the Moon in no time.   I lost power that night.  The morning was cold and the winds were variable but I joined the gang in Morgan Hill for a route that mirrored parts of the ACTC's Tierra Bella but also included Croy.  The sun shone brightly and that helped greatly.

Afterwards, we stopped off at Erik's Deli and surprise, we ran (well, not literally) into Donny's group.  Hello Miss A!  I wasn't hungry so I popped over to Starbucks ... wait, wait for it  -- yes I was served by a delicious boytoy.  He said to me, "What would you like, Hon?"  I kid you not.  You, I thought.  But I settled for a coffee.  I think he wanted to tip me....

Above, the view from my dining room.  A room with a view.  Fall has arrived and winter is on its way.  Thank you Miss P and Dr. G for a lovely 35 mile outing.

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