Sunday, September 30, 2012

Levi GranFondo 2012

 Saturday, September 29th

Notice how I deftly maneuvered myself  into a crowd of men at the start of Levi's 2012 GranFondo.  Then again, with 7,000 participants, this wasn't exactly hard.  Can you spot The Boyfriend?  He's the one in cycling clothes.  While we waited in the chilly foggy early morning light, I met 2 guys (geez, what a surprise you say) from the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey, CA.  People come from all over for this wonderful event, including some celebrities, like Patrick Dempsey and The Fat Cyclist.   Let's get started. 

Oh my God, what a challenge it was to bike with hundreds of other cyclists at a pace of 16 mph for over twenty miles until the first rest stop.  I was on the 62 mile course and it was a very different experience to always be biking with other cyclists.  I was exhausted. 

Our morning began in mist until mile 42.  Love the signs in Sonoma County, like "Born and Grazed here."  Adorable.  

I'm on Highway 1 now and it's still misty and chilly but beautiful.

And romantic.   The route is spectacular made even more so by the spectators cheering us on everywhere. 

I met these guys (geez, really, you say) and they took a photo of me.  I was bundled up.  The hottie flashes leave me cold and damp.  Sigh.

Ah, Coleman Valley Road.  Our big challenge.  I zipped up this baby despite my high blood pressure.  I met this guy (geez, really, you say).  This was his first time.  He did the shorter route last year.  He was obese but the man was a clear winner, giving it his all and I was so proud of him.  Especially after seeing all these other guys dressed to kill who were off their bikes, walking the hill.  You rock Mister, whoever you are. Finally, blue skies, a great descent into lovely Occidental. 

Anyway, I had a swell time.  What a day.  What an event.  Interestingly, my time was exactly as it was for 2009. 

Just the Stats:

62 miles
12.9 avg mph
33 mph descent
4 hr 47 min

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