Monday, January 21, 2013

Catch Me If You Can

Me:  A ferocious beast chased me on Stevens Canyon!
The BF:  What, those hens and rooster .. hee hee.
Me:  It was horrible I tell you.  Horrible.  The Beast chased me for a 1/4 of a mile.
The BF:  It was one of those pseudo dogs, wasn't it, the kind rich women put in their bags.
Me:  Maybe. 

Me:  Lookey, snow in Stevens Canyon!  It was probably 35 degrees but I was toasty in my wool.
The BF:  You were having a hot flash, weren't you.
Me:  Maybe.

 Me:  I took a wrong turn but two male cyclists chased me down and steered me right.
The BF:  Wait a minute Missy, only I am your knight in shining spandex.
Me:  Maybe.

What a club ride!  Thanks to Miss P for suggesting I come along.  We did Stevens Canyon, Mt. Eden, Pierce, two killer hills (Peach and Lancaster), and bits of Hwy 9.  I met lots of nice club members and old friends too, hello Dick and Donna!  The temperature was all over the place depending if you were in the sun or the shade. But I was, wait, wait for it, warm in my woolies.  Miss P. worried that I got separated and lost from the pack, but, no, I was out in front, ahead of the gang, with two fellas. Surprise, surprise.  Unfortunately, after a spiffy bike chain clean lesson at Miss P's house yesterday and hose down of our bikes, our bikes got all muddy on Stevens Canyon.  Still, a fabulous outing (32 miles) with the club.

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