Saturday, January 12, 2013

Decked out in Wool

Last night, a violent and short lived rainstorm quickly swept through the Bay Area causing my home to shake and I was ever so scared so I hid under the comforter cuddling with my boy toy.

The BF:  Wait a minute, I was on a business trip!
Me:  Oh no, then who was that masked man ... oops.

Oh alrighty, perhaps I was alone beneath the sheets.  Meanwhile, who wants to go on a club ride with a starting temperature of 41 degrees and maybe a high of 50?  Me, me, me!!  Yeah, right....

But I did, along with the support of Miss P and Dr. G. and lots of other brave souls.  We opted to do the 35 mile ride weaving through Santa Teresa, Baily, McKean, Uvas Oak Glen and so forth.  I wish I had snapped a photo or two of downtown Morgan Hill.  It's cute looking with a mixed theme of cowboy and urban. 

As for wool.  Can't say enough about this lovely fabric.  I wore two wool base layers, wool gloves, two pairs of wool knee warmers along with a fleece cap, fleece jersey and windbreaker.  Wool, it does my body good.  And so too would a good man....  Though right now, a steaming mug of hot chocolate sounds good. 

Just the Stats:

35 miles
12.7 avg mph
27 mph descending
2 hr 45 min

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