Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Mounting Mt. Hamilton

I had hoped to start the New Year biking Mt. Ham with Miss P but she was sick.  I settled on The Boyfriend instead....  I sped up the first 4 miles or so, leaving him far behind.  Of course he caught up to me (despite a lingering cold) and left me far behind.  [Photo above and below at mile 11].

I see a dancer with her arm reaching for the sky and her leg extended behind her nicely shaped torso. 

At mile 11, I decided to turn around.  I was feeling good as well as warm in my woolies but I wanted to save my energy for sex afterwards ....

The BF:  Wait a minute, we didn't have sex afterwards.
Me:  Oh, did you think I meant with you?   hee hee hee.

The Boyfriend said there was snow at the top and obviously, the temperature was very cold.  Good thing I turned around.  Afterwards, we had coffee, his treat.  Good start to the new year. 

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